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Bakers Hat

Bakers Hats just like the one in the picture to the left are available to purchase today from the UKs leading Chefs Equipment supplier.

This particular Baker Hat as shown comes in one standard size with a small peak at the front. The standard colour for Bakers Hats is white so thats what we are offering.

These Bakers Hats are being used extensively throughout the United Kingdom at Bakeries, Hotels, Restaurants and Schools. They are functional and can be used in multiple ways. You don't need to be a Baker to wear them or buy them.

These Baker Hats will definitely assist your staff by keeping their hair out of the way of food which is hygienic and practical. They are the ideal size so are very functional for everyone. All this while still being financially economical. Just choose your delivery option and the quantity that you require. Whatever your Bakers Hat requirements are, we will be able to help. Click the link below.

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